Tug the table – how to play tug the table on mobile?

Tug the table – how to play tug the table on mobile?
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Get ready to meet with an exciteful game which is like Tug the table of war. In this game, you are not going to tug the rope, you are going to tug the tables. The one who tugs the table well and let the opponent pass the line, who wins the game.

Tug the table

This is a easy humorous competitive game. sure, although it seems humorous, it in reality a aggressive game…

Blue and red colorations are the classical individual pairing from very early time. There are two little human beings in blue and crimson coloration.


The best stuff you want to do is dealing with one in every of them, and pull the any other one over the white line.

People will misplaced if he over the white line. Yes, that is easy. As for the ones lose their head at some stage in the drastic development of the tug the table, we are not in rate of them…

As to the reason why they want to proceed this recreation, sorry, we don’t know either.

If you really want me to mention some thing approximately it, I photo maybe it’s miles only a game between a boss and his programmers who want to have a improve of his earnings.

In case you need to win inside the tug recreation.The table you tug the table the better…

Are you still worry about the awful movie in the cinema?

Are you still arguing about who to wash the dishes?

No, it’s miles enough. save the failed relationship, keep corrupted marriage. We released a players mode for the ones individuals who are difficult to pick out something and OCD human beings.

Cast off the dispute, resolve your trouble. We send you a carefree lifestyles with out injection or remedy if you pick us!

Permit’s invited friends to sign up for the sport.

Pull the Table


Pull the desk is a sport wherein you’ve got to tug your opponent into your quarter to win.

Venture with your friends within the neighborhood multiplayer mode or try to beat the device inside the unmarried player mode.

It’s like tug the table but with a desk!

– Loose to play.
– Play Offline.
– Neighborhood multiplayer mode
– Easy and intuitive.
– Minimum required machine : Android 2.three.1 “Gingerbread”.

You have got issues or tips? We would love to pay attention your opinion!

3D Ping Pong – Practical Ping Pong

Ping Pong is one of the most practiced sports tug the table  in the world. Not only in China, where it has been declared a national sport, but in every country in the world people play Ping Pong for fun or at competitive levels.
With our new brand app you will have both, lots of fun and a nice competition while trying to beat all other countries from all over the world on a world of soccer. Tour desk.

You just select the country you want to play and then start your journey to become the best Ping Pong tug the table player of all.


The Ping Pong rules are exactly the same as in real life:

– Each player has two consecutive missions
– A match ends when a player has 11 points with at least 2 leading points
– If the score is 11:10 the match continues until a player has achieved a point lead of 2 points
– During overtime the player replaces after each service

You control your bat by swiping your finger. The speed you swipe harder than you would hit the ping pong ball. Since this control program feels natural, our Ping Pong tug the table application allows you to do everything you can do in real life. Surprise your opponent with a heavy electrical blast or throw him out of the guard with a bumpy cut. Learn how to use the entire board and place your photo as accurately as possible.

But keep in mind: the more you progress in tug the table , the more experienced and tough your opponent will become. You are not the only one who knows the art of deceiving and turning physics.

Make your way through the ranks and lead your country to the top of the world championships in 3D table tennis apps.

Features, features:

– 3D Ping Pong
– Table Tennis World Tour
– Physical Ping Pong fact
– One of the best sports games
– Select your country
– Become Master Ping Pong

Tug the table – how to play tug the table on mobile?
4 (80%) 2 votes

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