Stickman games – Henry stickman games – Stickman fighting games

Stickman games – Henry stickman games – Stickman fighting games
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Stickman games – Henry stickman games – Stickman fighting games.

Stick man war – Legacy games

Play the game stick warfare, one among the largest, maximum amusing, difficult and addicting stick discern games. Control your military in formations or play each unit, you’ve got overall control of each stick man games.

Construct units, mine gold, examine the way of the sword, spear, archer, mage, and even large. Ruin the enemy statue, and seize all territories!

Stick man war - Legacy games

Stick man war – Legacy games

New capabilities

  • Endless deads zombie survival mode! What number of nights are you able to final?
  • Comic e book style cinematic intro for limitless deads!
  • Match mode! Warfare your way thru dozens of ai challengers to win the “crown of inamorta!”

Campaign mode

In a world called inamorta, you’re surrounded via discriminate nations committed to their character nations technology and war for dominance. Each country has advanced its very own particular manner to guard and assault.

Proud of their particular craft they’ve come to be obsessed to the point of worship, turning guns to religion.

Each accept as true with that their manner of life is the best way, and are dedicated to coaching their polices to all other nations thru what there leaders claim as divine intervention, or as you will are aware of it… Warfare.

The others are referred to as: “archidons” the manner of the archer, “swordwrath” the way of the sword, “magikill” the way of the mage, and “speartons” the manner of the spear.

You’re the leader of the state known as “order”, your way is of peace and know-how, your humans do now not worship their weapons as gods.

This makes you a mark for infiltration by means of the encircling countries. Your most effective danger to guard is to attack first, and reap the generation’s from every country alongside the manner.

Stickman games backflip killer 4

Smash henry stickman games the usage of your parkour skill, weapons and epic slowmotion effects.

Improve your outfit and parkour skills, buy guns, to emerge as the high-quality stickman within the international.

Stickman games backflip killer 4

Stickman games backflip killer 4


  • Practical energetic-ragdoll physics.
  • Specific ragdoll weapon machine.
  • Slowmotion consequences.
  • Dynamic gameplay.
  • Exceptional game modes.
  • Customizable outfit system.
  • Upgradable stickman abilities.

Stickman backflip killer 4 – is a sequel of stickman parkour game collection in which you have to skip tiers and spoil stickmans the use of your parkour abilities.

There are 2 primary gamemodes presented – parkour mode and killer mode. In parkour you have to attain the finish flag to complete the extent. In killer your aim is to damage all stickmans using stunts and weapons.

The lovers of stickman game can be really thrilled! Play with proper ragdoll physics and skip thrilling tiers!

Stickman fighting games backflip killer four is a loose recreation!

Creatures offered in this sport does now not have similarities with people and are fictitious. The sport is anyhow does no longer call for violence in any manifestation.

Stickman battlefields games

Revel in extremely practical and movement packed arcade battlefield environment in this extraordinary tactical arcade shooter.

Equip your favorite weapons, explosives and gadgets and war thru the unmarried player marketing campaign or take part inside the realtime synchronous multiplayer on-line mode wherein you could even board vehicles, tanks or attack helicopters to war your online enemy gamers.

Stickman battlefields games

Stickman battlefields games

Play in incredibly dynamic landscapes, ranging from snowy mountains, lovely seashores to windy forests. Break timber, blow out all of the home windows of homes or use your tank to trample down the whole thing proper before you parachute behind the enemies strains.


  • Ultra sensible and movement packed arcade battlefield ecosystem.
  • Rapid paced arcade military shooter.
  • Story mode and unmarried player marketing campaign with more than a hundred missions.
  • Realtime synchronous multiplayer mode.
  • Bootcamp missions.
  • Various special locations (beach, woodland, mountain, snow, rain, and so forth…).
  • Diverse weapons like weapons, rifles and snipers.
  • Diverse explosives like grenades and mines.
  • Various gadgets and equipments like parachute and armor.
  • Various motors you may manipulate like tanks and helicopters.
  • Climate gadget, like rain, snow and wind.
  • Heaps of upgradeable objects and weapons.
  • Included leaderboard and achievements to unencumber.


Stickman games – Henry stickman games – Stickman fighting games
5 (100%) 2 votes

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