The top play store free games

The top play store free games
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Play store free games – where you can choose the game suitable and attractive. We offer free games for you to play or can be downloaded free of charge. Here are some top free games you can refer to more at home.

The top play store free games – play store best free games

Gold Miner

Gold digger is a free online games for girls that has been around for quite some time on the PC platform. And is now available for mobile devices with simple play and can be addictive for any play store free games In Game gold, you will help the farmer earn gold coins, bags or diamonds sparkling … You earn a lot of property for yourself in exchange for the reward worthy.

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play store free games

Gold Miner is one of the classic google play store free games with simple but attractive gameplay.

The classic  play store free games download of peach has appeared on the PC and still has a certain attraction. In the best free games in play store , you will have to play the gold hunting machinist and many valuable treasures from the deep pool, conquer the multiplayer game to get the high score, the attractive rewards. Golden peach is associated with the childhood of many young people with interesting and very addictive gameplay.

Gold digger is one of the classic best free games in play store  that have been associated with the life of many people with very interesting gameplay. Your task is to help the old farmer earn more gold. Diamonds and gifts for the attractive items. Golden digger game has simple graphics and sounds but is addictive for the player. The gold digger has been associated with the childhood of many friends with a simple, familiar play. Your task in the game is with the woodcutter hunting for treasure in the deep. With diamonds or diamonds support tools. The gold digger has many levels and for each level you will have to use the same amount of money to buy items to support the next level.

The game is associated with the childhood of millions

Gold Miner is one of the classic google play store free games with simple but attractive gameplay. Although the birth from a long time, but to the present time the game digging gold still captured the love of the players. If you love this gold digger playstation store free games. You can download gold digger on your computer and experience it offline.

Talking about the classic all free games on the computer, chicken play store free games to download is also a lot of people love. The interesting point of chicken shooting game is the combination of playful action but fun but gentle entertainment, easy to play. Classic Gold Game offers players a space to find and conquer the gold clusters with different scores depending on its size. You can pull as much gold, diamonds, or other treasures. The higher your score.

 The gold digger has made the 8x generation passionate to forget to eat. Forget to sleep, not afraid to sacrifice their time to conquer new challenges increasingly difficult. If you want to challenge yourself with modern shooters, Cross Fire is a great choice. When playing Cross Fire you will be challenged through the classic shooter scene. In a variety of environments with many heavyweight opponents.

play store free games

The game increases power, increase diamond value, good luck factor …

In the game of gold, each stage is a different point, the task of the player is to overcome the limit for a certain time, if not pass the player will have to end the play store free games to play again. To win the game requires you to carefully shoot each time to drop a sentence to save time as well as locate the high value gold or diamond selection to buy at the same time choose to buy support items. The game increases power, increase diamond value, good luck factor …

Multilevel games, increasing difficulty, increasing the attractiveness

In recent years, the MOBA movement – online games, many people play together and divided into different teams – developed quite strong and the hottest names can be referred to as Alliance Legend, DOTA2 … In particular, the League of Legends is one of the early game titles for MOBA games so far is still popular in many countries. And now with the arrival of the Game Release, gamers have the opportunity to experience the wonderful combination of this free laptop games with the attractive shooting game.

Previously when the computer has not so many play store free games. Users often play games on the computer with the genre such as gaming, pikachu game, tank shooter, animal arena, GTA Vice City, black dragon, .. And of course there are gold diggers. One of the most popular games of all is pikachu. Which is a searchable game where you pick up two identical pikachu and disappear on the screen. Game Pikachu simple in the game but it is difficult to pass all the screen.

You can refer to the instructions on how to play Pikachu on the computer to become the winner, pass all the screen play. As well as the classic play store free games. Super Mario has released version 3 with a lot of attention. In Super Mario the player will be together with the mushroom Mario Dummy to overcome the exciting new challenges.

Highlights of the game gold digger

  • Classic Gold Game is a simple strategy game, you can download the classic Gold Game and master the game in just a few minutes.
  • Dynamic sound, sharp image.
  • Graphic harmony.
  • Lightweight, suitable for most PCs today.

Cupcake Carnival

play store free games

Many of you think that Cupcake Carnival is only suitable for girls because when playing will be lost in the world of Cupcake beautiful, color.

Match 3 game world has long made it hard to fall in the play store free games. From the outset with the explosion of Candy Crush Saga magic candles to farm collectors in Farm Heroes Saga opened up a new era of Match 3 game. After that victory, a series of connected games came out, carrying a Rich paintings for players to choose from. The Cupcake Carnival is also based on how the grid connects the dots to engage in the Match 3 game for Windows Free Carnival Cupcakes are generally pretty simple, plus rich colors with colorful cupcakes.

Many of you think that Cupcake Carnival is only suitable for girls because when playing will be lost in the world of Cupcake beautiful, color. Then you are wrong because the game is Cupcake Carnival, but it is no different than the free web games of connecting grid points. Is this game will bring sweet, cute and reduce the pressure on the player only.


Even though it’s a Match 3 game, the Cupcake Carnival is a completely different game. Compared to the other play store free games, you have to use the mouse to sort the tiles of the same type. However, in the Cupcake Carnival you just hover over the same type of cake. Same style, connect them as much as possible. So it’s easier to play and eat more bonuses. As many of the gear are harvested. The player’s score is constantly increasing, and will be counted by the number of stars.

There are nearly 100 levels for people to participate in Cupcake Cake Festivals. Each table has the task of providing the required number of buns per customer. Meet enough bunnies in each level, the play store free games will become the guy. One thing to note is that there will be a fixed step in each table. So you have to calculate how to provide enough cake for customers, and ensure the number of steps allowed.

Apparently Cupcake Carnival looks easier than other Match 3 games but you are not subjective. Each table will have its own challenge. From level 1 to level 7 players will only have to serve enough bread for customers. But from table 8 onwards, there will be more boys asking you to meet the number of colored squares. So it looks easy but not easy. The play store free games will provide booster to the players can shorten the process of serving bakery to customers. For example. If a cupcake appears with the ice cream covered on a colored surface. It will help the player collect all the same type of cake. Besides. There will be more booster to each boss as you unlock. Remember to make sure that the steps allow and meet the requirements of the Gods, earn the reward for yourself.

The top play store free games
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