Pie Attack

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Pie Attack
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Play Pie Attack now. Oh no! Wicked evil villains have invaded the city! Police are powerless – only the special force on the chest can stop the bad guys! There are also some old ladies in the hiding place (no idea what kind of bad things the bad guys did to the elders). Please do not throw the pie at them as well. Otherwise – it’s Pie Piece time!

The most delicious shooting game ever

Whether it’s a bad clown or a loving enemy, for whatever reason, you find the target of a vicious attack. In this game, using delicious desserts like ammo, your goal is simple. You have to just throw the pies to as many bad boys as possible. There are two keys to find success in this game: speed and accuracy. Move too fast and you can “take out” an innocent civilian. Do it too slowly and you are surrounded by a pie. If you miss the target, you guessed it – you’ll be on a plate.

Pie Attack

Climb as many floors as you can in Pie Attack

Now that you know how to survive in Pie Attack, you only have one thing to do: make your registration! You will continue to move up and until you finally have too many pies on the face. Make sure you get the hand you click before to start the attack game, because it means war.

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Pie Attack
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