Top 5 games apps free download for Android best 2018

Top 5 games apps free download for Android best 2018
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Games apps free download are gamers interested by playing simple, convenient whether you are on a car, or walk all can use a cell phone of mine to relax with the games list here.

Games apps free download – List of free games apps to download for Android best 2018


Alphabeat for Android is a matching English word to save the bear, a very attractive game. This free games apps to download, however, owning the game is simple but challenging, very difficult and very desirable if you want to practice the English vocabulary using the game.

games apps free download

Each round you use this letter puzzle this number to games apps free download

Alphabeat is a classic combination of matching English words with many factors, from categories to games and more. Such a little adventure, when you are immersed in the fun of the world’s letters, a little bit of intelligence and mission to transplant characters, form a complete word or a little puzzle when you have to try to save the bear.

Tutorial game spelling English: ABCs for android:

  • Games apps free download for android players can use any character to attach bricks with light colors
    One way to understand the compound word true or false is to look at the icon with the letter “v”. For example, if you pair “ye…”, the letter “v” will turn yellow because of the ability to form the word “yen”, but if you type “yc…” then the letter “v” will not change color. Since there are no words created in English.
  • Honey is used to bond tiles. Honey has as many table widths as you have more letters to transplant.
  • There will be a small number at the edge of each letter. Each round you use this letter puzzle will reduce 1 from this number.
  • Each transplant is a word, a bear will appear, and the games apps free download table will also add letters to the empty position.
  • If there is a bear at any location, then the size of the bear will appear larger next to it.
  • Collecting many notes like a bear, your bear will be upgraded and more powerful.
  • Players can win teddy bears, add, super, and rarely if it’s difficult to complete some screens.

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Snake Attack games apps free download for mobile is a mini-game that is a favorite. Players will control more snakes of choice and move them in different directions on the screen to make bait, they can eat anything and survive in a dangerous world. On a special journey, the player will have to subtly control his snake through the snake larger than if you don’t want it to swallow your snake. In addition to snakes, we can also be eaten by snakes.

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2. Temple Runs 2

games apps free download

Games apps free download for mobile on the go, you will face countless obstacles, as well as terrain danger

In the game, the temple runs 2 versions of flash this player will play a guy who stole the diamond legend. You have to run really fast to find a way to survive and escape from this place. Along the way, you will face countless obstacles, monsters, demons. .. and can collect more money and material rewards.

Temple Run is a game adventure for very attractive people who love so games apps free download many people around the world. With the version of the Temple Runaway 2 this time, you will continue to be adventurous and not so adventurous, you must run really fast, out of the mysterious temple.

Opening your run will happen immediately after the start of the arcade games. Because the monkey will chase you, so you better keep running! The goal you need to aim in the game is to escape from hordes of monkeys and evade many obstacles along the way.

You should be familiar with the buttons and other things on the screen before performing the first run. Believe me, once you start running, you don’t have time to look at anything other than the road ahead. If you see gold (coins), you need to tilt the games apps free download for android phone to appear in the direction of gold. This role of gold is very important in improving the ability and other factors that help you win the advantage and be effective in running the game in a better temple.

3. Clash Royale

The Clash Royale is a huge success in the tribal conflict of the game serial, and no player has at least “charm”. For new players, the type of force information is very necessary, but there is no general article about “War General” in the game; the following article is bet download. VN suggests that you read the type of conflict royal forces.

games apps free download

Beautiful graphics depicting pictures charismatic games apps free download for mobile

What needs to be done is to win the mirror treasure, open the mirror to make the small card strong. There should be more cards to upgrade the soldier. Therefore, there are elements of bad luck in the game. A red one, so quickly earn a small soldier, delicious, easy to overwhelm opponents, otherwise, you must wait for time. This games app store free download is only good for about 15 minutes a day unless you want to plow more acc donations to the Clan.

You need to collect tokens to earn coins and upgrade your soldiers with a sufficient number of positions. Soldiers as strong then a games apps free download for android as endurance and high attack power. The most important thing is that the bullets of the soldiers’ giants followed the support of other soldiers. Just like fighting in a tribal conflict.

games apps free download

how to play and features free games apps to download

Tutorial play conflict royal:

  • First, step Download and install the games apps free download from the play store
  • Second step by train
  • When you start playing, you need to go through the 7 combat trainer system default, by fighting Moba very quickly, fighting real human opponents.
  • The third step is how to fight effectively
  • Do some fighting for the mirror treasure every day.
  • The tactical war is as follows: What you need to collect is the giant.
  • System soldiers include bullets in front of the giant tank, followed by dragons, peak, princes, Valkyrie, and musketeers.

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Game Sand Trap
The sanding game requires you to have a certain amount of embarrassment and be able to conquer the challenges in the game. With the game pour into the sand, your task will be to subtly rotate the block above the sand and drop the right amount of the container below the amount does not fall out. The games apps free download is a very simple game of sand, but not so interesting is waiting for you to join.

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4. Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a game released on a PC that recently appeared on the iPad. The hearthstones of Android and iPhone are still in development and are expected to be completed in early 2015.

games apps free download

You can play this game completely, anywhere on your smartphone, tablet android or ios or windows computer free games apps to download

Games apps free download in Hearthstone is a game designed to create a card game that is simple, fast to play, and gives players more fun, but gradually Hearthstone is becoming a sportsman with many great prizes that are very attractive, up to Hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Regarding games, hs can best describe the collectible card games, not the trading card games like Yugioh. Which means that players must pass gold (money system, the main currency of the game) or self-destruction when playing the game. Card to create the card you want. A mechanism that is very new and weird is also the way for manufacturers to vacuum blood players. You can still master this game without spending a penny.

The graphics of the game are also very beautiful, thoroughly polished, the games apps free download for android effect comes out, the effect attack is very good. The sound of the game also stands out, when each card has its own voice. In addition. The extremely high rate in hs is the support of this game multi-platform.

5. Shadowgun Legends

games apps free download

Their graphics are terrible but until  experience car games apps free download

One of the worthy shooters fps from the release of the cult Madfinger game has been officially launched in the world for nearly 2 years. If those who don’t know, and the orange game Shadowgun has become a popular attraction for smartphones android and ios since 2011. The Madfinger games are also publishers of many mobile games called samurai ii: vengeance or dead trigger.

The first version of Shadowgun set the 2350 mercenary in the coming year and must get a fierce battle mission with fighting the games apps free download for mobile power. Then Shadowgun: Deadzone continues to be released in 2012 to expand the game, online multiplayer games. In 2016, Madfinger games have launched a successor to the Shadowgun legends version, their graphics are terrible, but until now we can formally experience.

Shadowgun legends bring more than just eye-catching graphics to the game, and when it comes to multiple modes of individual or team mode, the game is also more attractive when fighting space monsters together. .. You can build your own character into a legendary feat and equipment item. Shadowgun legends also give players a virtual world to socialize, connect, and talk to each other, such as GTA or pubs.

Wish you have moments of the same great new experiences in games apps free download.

Top 5 games apps free download for Android best 2018
1.5 (30%) 2 votes

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