The best free running games online most interesting

The best free running games online most interesting
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Free running games is a super exciting game, an extremely simple design, unique graphics will be the best game you should choose to entertain every day.

Free running games – The best free online running games most interesting

1.Subway Surfers

The Subway Surfers is a mobile platform developed free running 2 games that was first launched in 2012. It should be such a phenomenon that the game community is well received in many markets around the world. To know this, after a short time, the release of features, interfaces, and graphics for game updates is coming soon.

free running games

Keep the same number of  free running games encountered to points and coins

Subway parkour with a naughty boy paints sprayed on the wall next to the train track and the back of the defender chasing. The player’s task is to use your finger to swipe the left and right direction, up and down the screen to control the character to dodge obstacles and run on the item, and if the obstacle is encountered, the game ends immediately the.

 The free running 2 games How to play: Runners like many games, you are not easy to control characters. Simply swipe left or right on the screen to move the character to 2 sides, swipe up to jump up, and swipe down to avoid obstacles. A one-touch 2x screen uses a skateboard.

If you have come a long way, then take advantage of the features, save me to the screen after free running games the end, start a new game screen, keep the same number of points and coins. The number of times my lock request is saved will also increase based on the number of times you play.

Refer to the following game of

Spider Solitaire is a card game classic that has always been the player’s favorite card game enthusiast and introduced to your friends. Free running games parkour fascination and fascinating players in simple games with vivid, beautiful eyes and fun are very familiar to many people in life and childhood. The essence of light entertainment, health helps you to alleviate the anxiety and stress in your life.

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2. Temple Run 2

free running games

Comprehensive charts and achievements tables free running 3 games

The game Temple Runaway Computer will test the ability, reflex, agility, and agility of the players on the road to be challenging. You will run in a non-stop way or the rope swings through the obstacles. Use Sliding to jump, swipe, collect gold and support to unlock new characters and purchase devices. All the free running games general purpose of 1 is to help the character run the farthest distance!

Arcade games Temple Escape 2 has a simple user interface. You should be familiar with the buttons and other things on the screen before performing the first run. Believe me, once you start running, you don’t have time to look at anything other than the road ahead.

Features Game Temple Escape

  • Swipe and tilt to change lanes.
  • Level your character and take advantage of complementarity.
  • The free running games unblocked own 3D graphics and chain action, such as running, jumping, turning, sliding and tilting.
  • I am immersed in 1 character in 7 characters.
  • Comprehensive charts and achievements tables, players compete with friends.
  • Fun games and unlimited.

3. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Despicable Me: Minion Rush is a game adventure, and Gameloft’s inspiring famous animated film “Despicable Me 2”. Those who like this movie will not be ignored, the opportunity role-playing is a minion, cute, mischievous, adding exciting adventures, full of challenges. In order to meet the player’s expectations, the real free running games parkour has launched a despicable me: the servant Rush version of windows8.

free running games

Become a super minion and destroy everything free running 2 games

The background game takes place in the factory’s weapons, the residential area of Gru, the villain of the bad guys. The free running games 3d graphics and sounds, the same characters in the original movie sound, which gives the player a feeling of joy, because is living in the cartoon world. Despicable my advantage points:

Despicable my highlights: Minions Rush:

  • The game is based on animated movies with funny characters!
  • Provide a screen to play mysterious battle opportunities with the boss and collect energy.
  • Experience 3d graphics, sound effects, dubbing, honesty, and appeal.
  • Join the fun and get a bonus.
  • Become a super minion and destroy everything to the free running games online.
  • Collect banana ride unicorn fluffy cute!
  • Overcome any challenge with guru’s rocket!

Refer to the following game of

Fancy Diver – Unfortunately, for British divers are plants and corals in the ocean floor too much, they have been surrounded and blocked in a way. Join the action rescue diver during this time, destroying the plants and coral guys, the diver can exit the matrix below the bottom of the ocean.

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4. Super Mario Run

free running games

Free running games online touch and hold the screen to jump higher

Super Mario Run is a game design based on the idea that Super Mario characters combine to run in categories (endless runs). Similar to the game Super Mario Bros. – one of the most popular games in the world. Players will become a barrier to the task that the plumber overcomes to accomplish the task. The special point of Super Mario running is that the mode supports playing 1 hand easily.

How to play Super Mario runs is also similar to the familiar game of Super Mario Bros, the touch free running games when players must control characters to overcome their obstacles. Based on how the touch on the screen, the character of the game will react differently. Nintendo said the game will be designed so that players can easily control with one hand.

There are 1 points that are very similar to Pokemon Go. This free running 3 games must require you to connect to the internet to minimize the fraudulent users to help have a game community clean. In addition, Super Mario Run also offers a model Rally to help players feel comfortable compared to Dike with his friends and other opponents around the world.

How to play:

  • Quickly tap the screen to jump low.
  • Touch and hold the screen to jump higher.
  • Free running games parkour to climb on the continuous touch screen.
  • When jumping the walls, the edges of the tiles, if you press more, Mario will redirect the jump and no character will climb up.

5. Angry Gran Run

Angry Gran Run with angry gran you are not just escaping and hiding, but also using the skills to eliminate some of the obstacles in the way you add fun and a sense of gaming experience.

free running games

Use the money earned along the way to increase your strength for “supercar unique and” your own free running games online

Some highlights of Angry Gran running windows8:

  • Fun style of play “run around”
  • Fighting with punk, dinosaurs, and aliens, there are more strange things.
  • Earn more coins to upgrade characters and buy more devices
  • Change the old look with many unique outfits from the funny hippie costumes to maxi free running games
  • Adding new space is in the streets of New York, Rome
  • Add the character “heart” in Paris
  • Support operation, touch control, mouse, keyboard
  • Beautiful graphics
  • Free running games unblocked 3d is completely free.

How to drive unique and interesting.

  • Unique upgrade: Load and upgrade specifications for the car’s maximum level! Use the money earned along the way to increase your strength for “supercar unique and” your own.
  • Big bonus: Look, I need to add a little thing to pass the toughest free running games. Quickly conquer and record a few bonuses to get more money to upgrade your “vehicle” to you!
  • Skill game crazy: Perform stunts, top loading dangerous hills, and valleys with deep Hungarian smoking! Racing through the most dangerous places in the world.

Above are list free running games extremely interesting. I wish you have fun and reach the highest score.

The best free running games online most interesting
1 (20%) 1 vote

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