List of free jewel quest games

List of free jewel quest games
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Free jewel quest games are one of the most popular Tetris games ever. It boasts hundreds of millions of downloads, pop culture influenced strongly. If you are a fan of the game, match 3 game, play online games or download free games.

List of free jewel quest games online – Top free jewel quest 2 games for download full version

1. Jewel academy

Jewel Academy game – free jewel quest games online with three matching elements that are a classic three-game match and offers simple gameplay, great graphics, and challenging tasks. At each other level you are presented with a colored gem net – you have to match three or more gems of the same color together to make them disappear and keep flowing and increasing your score.

At each level, you have to reach certain points once you reach that point you can go to the next level. This game does have a combo-match the old game in the old way, so have the difficulty and try to become a master pearl academy!

Free jewel quest games feature:

  • More than 300 levels to complete and count
  • An interesting map of many buildings and beautiful landscapes
    nice effect
  • Daily events to participate
  • Communication
  • Web browsers (desktop and mobile): Android, iOS
  • Controls: Drag the left mouse button to transfer the jewelry.

free jewel quest games

free jewel quest games

Free jewel quest games are Jewel academy to play 

2. Magic Jewels

To win the free online games jewel quest, you need to score as many points as possible in 2½ minutes. To do this, swap neighboring elements to balance at least three identical elements. To earn more points, you can create special items, make the right combinations … as four factors that create a bomb explode everything around you. When 5 elements are aligned, a diamond is created, in the second part of the swap, all elements of the second type are deleted. If you create T or L with at least 5 elements, another bomb will be created to remove all the elements in the row and column.

Free jewel quest 2 games features:

  • Engaging, images, great content and beautiful images.
  • To achieve the goals set out a lot of tasks. 101 levels with different functions will definitely interest you.
  • Jewel online games are designed to play and download for free.
  • Free jewel quest games is free compatible with all devices and browsers on the desktop.

Fill the potions on the right side of the screen, you will complete a mantra that will stop the enemy giving you a diamond throw. Earn extra money by completing quests, fighting off a powerful boss.

How to control:

You can use the mouse to play this game. The objective of the free jewel quest games online is to rotate the jewelry until the four jewels of the same color form the four corners of the square. A square can have dimensions and any direction. Click to rotate the jewelry and press the left or right arrow button to reverse the spin direction.

free jewel quest games

free jewel quest games

Magic jewel is free jewel quest games to download

3. Color Rush

Prepare to be cast into the world of color on the platforms of this fun free yahoo games jewel quest, Color Rush! You control the small colored balls that constantly change color and spray colors everywhere, it moves (we say there are so many colors in this report!). The only thing about this game level will open up when you splash color on you. To move the ball to a level still invisible, it is not as long as you move through them, or jump and splash color on you, you will find some sketches.

You need to keep moving and often use the jump to not fall into the blanks. Try not to jump too high, and also when you go to the ceiling and have to restart at the previous control point. An additional element of the free jewel quest games online is just the amount of life-your life starts at 100% and slowly flows if you do not move, so you need to keep it full. enough. At levels, obstacles become more difficult, and you need to stay away from things like circular saws. Will they go to some extent? Will you spray the color like an expert?

Color Rush is developed by Merchant Games. You can also play it on your Android device. How to Controls:

  • Arrow to move left or right
  • Jump up arrow, click twice to jump and double splat

free jewel quest games

free jewel quest games

Free jewel quest games – Color Rush to play no download

4. BrickZ

Play free online jewel quest games no downloads jade bricks without downloading a themed classic snake theme and move it to the 21st century. Brick is developed by Diamond Games. You control a snake with a triangular mass attached to it. Your path is a set of numbered blocks to pass through each block, you must get the number of triangular blocks coming from your snake. For example, if your snake is long, 5 blocks, and you come across a square with no. 3 on you, you are a snake.

You need to act fast and move to the lowest level possible to keep it alive for the free jewel quest games no download. To increase the length of the queue, you can collect more triangles as you navigate through the levels. If you hit a square with the same or a greater total of your total length, you will fail, and you will have to restart the level! How long can you create a snake? Can you sign a high score and control the giants, in fact?

Free jewel quest games to download features:

  • Cool interface with real sound and smooth animation.
  • Play for free.
  • Easy to play.
  • Brick breaker game: compatible with all devices: iPhone, iPad, Windows and Android and all desktop browsers.
  • Brick game: Suitable for children and adults.
  • Drag the left mouse button to move left and right.

free jewel quest games

free jewel quest games

Free jewel quest games online are Brickz

5. Jewel Quest

If you like the free online jewel quest games no downloads. The objective of Jewel Quest is to quickly create three-in-a-line gems, gold objects, and relics for maximum score. To get started, click the small, medium or large link, or click the PLAY GAME button below the image on the left. This will open the online game in the popup window.

A free version of free jewel quest games to play includes many levels of hunting for the jewel. To go through each level, you need to flip through all the boxes on the table. See instructions below. Jewel Quest The jewel-matching game with other brain training skills, such as focus and visual perception. Play this game and other regular online games as part of your own brain training program.

How to play free jewel quest solitaire games:

  • Online Jewel Quest Game follows the basic rules of hunting, like other game pearls. The goal is to earn points, makeup three consecutive (or higher) matching jewelry and gold.
  • To switch the position of two adjacent objects, click on the first object and the second object.

When you open the playground there is a random mix of gems and gold. Play free jewel quest games online – Your task is to quickly check the quest table of Jewel Quest and determine where there may be three unique games. Sometimes you can combine four or five of it if you really pay attention. Three-in-a-row is the most popular game that you will make in the jewel quest games free download full version. No real motivation to play longer. Unlike in the online game Candy Crush, I do not think you can get extra points for four consecutive or five consecutive years in Jewel Quest. In a situation of three rows in a row, you will see two gems corresponding to gems of the same type of the same type from a row or column. To create three types of it, click on the third jewel that matches the other 2 jewels.

Here is a list of free jewel quest games. The game this is the game title is many young people love, help, entertainment very good. Wish you always relax with the game.

List of free jewel quest games
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