Top free full version hidden object games play

Top free full version hidden object games play
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Free full version hidden object games are very simple and for thousands of people buy them on Steam-ironclad. You go through different scenes with different colors, usually bright colors, search categories, detailed searches on settings based on random playlists (hammer, boot, compass) and solve Simple puzzles game logic. This game is a guilty pleasure even for those of us who are proud of our killing / dying speed. And their corps. Whether you are an expert on the subject or who are ready to close your eyes and feel for a wild ride, this is the top ten. Believe me – I played hundreds of them.

Top free full version hidden object games download – List of free full version is hidden object games online for iPad

1. Hidden Folks

Hide the free full version hidden object game download. Think of it, like a hand-woven stocking, hand-knitted and a kind of rye bread hidden object game. This indie, which owes much to Waldo’s whereabouts, but brings with it a hipster, sensible illustration, which hides the brutal Curve complex. Of course, in an evening dress is easy to find a monkey or a figure, but a worm? Comb? You need to open the door, look at the tent and switch the switch to defeat it. Moving the scene from the forest is compact in the world, shiny, shiny factory, hidden person, in every wardrobe and every corner is just a requirement to be explored. It has free updates. Keep your fingers crossed, more.

free full version hidden object games

Free full version hidden object games are Hidden Folks to play online

I’m looking for someone with a hand, a hand, a connector, a miniature. Open the lid of the tent, take the tree, put the door and hold the crocodile! Ruooaaaaarrrr !!!!! Draw objects to show what you can search. Click on the weight of the offer and get enough to open the following placements

If you like many numbers in free full version hidden object game:

  • 20 + places taken by hand
  • 190+ goals for finding
  • Sound effects from 1400+ mouths
  • 280+ unique connection
  • 3 color colors: normal, sepia, and night mode
  • 22 languages (public translations)

2. Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story

Lost Souls: The toy is the full version of the free full version hidden object game download. Welcome to the city, abandoned by God, where the evil runs free; Desperate desperate wife tries to find her beloved husband; Behind the shelter is a terrible secret. When you visit the cold spots in the spine, play mini-games and find hidden objects, find clues, solve puzzles and open new areas. The demon captures the whole city and turns it into a place where the walls and battle against evil, the murderer’s murderer cries for revenge there, and a terrible secret is hidden behind the house of children. But this does not stop Daniel, who resolves to find every corner of the dark, brave make every voice terrible, and then go to where no one wants to complete the task.

Hidden free full version hidden object games online throughout the version is not just games; This journey of the heart of true darkness! Are you ready for the real dark and terrible, where there is no sun and no light of hope? So welcome, strangers, perhaps you can bring the light of hope and destroy the witch of darkness in a world abandoned by the darkness. Avoid many dangers, solve rational tasks and play smart little, find and explore the possibilities of extraordinary and supernatural phenomena. Use your thoughts to prepare for logic games, magic, investigative detective and finding too many hidden objects. Strangers, open your imagination, really exciting challenge, is still waiting for you!

Free full version hidden object game features:

  • 41 unique hand-painted locations and amazing design levels!
  • Chapter 12 achieves true darkness!
  • 7 unique mini-games and puzzles to solve!
  • 21 best-hidden object scenes\
  • If you are trapped, tips can help!
  • If you fall into a dark place, you can help with your strategy guide!
  • Lots of magic hidden items to find, addictive missions, fun mini-games and logic puzzles to solve!
  • Beautiful cutscenes and the best-hidden items game!
  • equally suitable for teenagers and adults
  • Helps you increase your concentration, perception, and attention and enhance your cognitive skills
  • Modify vocabulary and develop memory
  • Beautiful graphics and incredible sounds!
  • Applicable to all kinds of mobile phones or tablets
  • No Wi-Fi or internet connection – play anytime, anywhere!
  • Supported languages: English, Italian, Russian, German, French, Chinese, Korean, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Spanish.

In addition, You can not ignore the Treasure Hunter game. This is a great adventure game that will keep you entertained very well. Please click the play button now.

free full version hidden object games

free full version hidden object games

Free full version hidden object games – Treasure Hunter is an exciting discovery

3. Underleaves

To inspire the emergence of a collection of favorite childhood stories, have the same complexity for the experience of the object discovered. She lacked the complexity, though she created bright, meticulous and aesthetic watercolors, gentle, gentle. Free full version hidden object games online looking for items online can be difficult. An easy way to find a lizard on a green background is to be absolutely difficult, but the only thing standing between you and winning is the strain of your eyes. Simply moisten the forehead lobes in a short, sweet lavender bubble bath, and dry them with a towel from the angel’s feather.

Journey to the jungle, jungle or deep blue sea. Find chestnuts for a pig, a caterpillar for a crocodile or a starfish, two or three. The game hides colorful objects from the animal world. Drawing illustrations, watercolors and amazing sound design create a soft, exotic look. Features of the free full version hidden object games iPad:

  • Beautiful watercolor hand painted images
  • Games and sound relaxation
  • Accessible because there is no text! (index)
  • 9 different locations around the world
  • 29 animated animals.

If you are bored to find a something for getting information, game Gold Miner suitable for you. This is the game that you just resolve and the search of the golden very interesting. Please play this game by the press button.

free full version hidden object games

free full version hidden object games

Gold Miner is  free full version hidden object games suitable for age

4. Space Legends: At the Edge of the Universe

Even if advances in space travel make access to remote areas of the universe possible, some places are best left alone. Look at the things at the far end of the universe and plan your escape. The amazingly stimulating adventure of the distant world ventures into the unknown – on the distant planet, complete destruction threatens everyone. In free full version hidden object games online, Joining Elizabeth Campton and her close colleague Steve’s daily voyage turns into a real adventure. As an outside biologist and space explorer, Elizabeth is no stranger to danger. Despite this, she is far more threatening than she can think of, especially her dear friend Steve is by her side.

From bad weather to emergency rescue boats, to landing in prison, to healing the princess – Elizabeth has found herself in a series of constraints. Then it gets worse! Comet collided with the Earth! Everyone is in serious danger. Elizabeth was allowed to enter a forbidden abandoned city where she found a transport ship that could save everyone, but it has been in disrepair. You can save the whole world. In the future, in the new dimension of the past and the present, only your skills and know-how can take you home. The exciting Galaxy drama will challenge your every move. Escape from the end of the universe!

Totally free hidden object games full version features:

  • Exciting Sci-Fi adventure with an indelible character
  • Beautiful and detailed hidden object scenes and exploration locations
  • Discover game journals and find clues
  • Tricky puzzles, mini-games, etc.

5. New York Mysteries: High Voltage

free full version hidden object games

Free full version hidden object games – New York Mysteries: High Voltage interesting

A mystery of New York free full version hidden object games for pc. High pressure brought us back to Sing Sing in the 1950s, where the security staff was a strange phenomenon! The next job is a series of similar cases in New York. Can you figure out this before the attack? I must say that The Mystery of New York: High Voltage has one of the best storytellers we’ve seen at HOPE for a long time. This story is fascinating and full of charm, from start to finish, we stand on the edge of the chair. In addition, the plot is very good and the video, great animation, great character and solid voice.

The production of high voltage is also commendable. The game takes place in New York famous, where most of the game, the real place. So, the game looks very realistic – considering the number of all fantasy games that we have purchased recently, that is fresh air. In addition, the graphics are clear and clean, while background music fits the theme. In addition, free full version hidden object games of the high-pressure adventure game offer a challenge to meet. High-pressure games are very busy and there are many tasks that need to be done in each area. Some people may feel overwhelmed by the number of retreats that must be done in the game, the game comes with a hint button and dancing chart is a comprehensive help to solve this problem.

We are an application for puzzles in this game. On the one hand, they create and require some mental work; On the other hand, some people have ambiguous directions, while others are not very interesting. The number of objects in the high-pressure constraints is all very interactive and interesting. High pressure has the top five in the main game, and we take less than four hours to complete. The Collector’s Edition version includes many good achievements, some interesting collections, an average bonus, and exhibits.

You can not miss the free full version hidden object games. Download games and enjoy this great game! Games for children, girls and boys, teenagers and adults, there are interesting issues, find, objects, detective, the biggest character, cute and supernatural extraordinary. Enjoy deep, high quality, deepest, best-search for hidden, best-looking subjects on your mobile device or computer! Strange, adventure game, hidden object, high quality, high quality, most beautiful, waiting for you!

Top free full version hidden object games play
4.7 (93.33%) 3 votes

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