The best free fire game

The best free fire game
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The best free fire game – in this article we will go together to find out how to play Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds TOP 1. This is a fascinating survival game was released shortly, but quickly became the favorite of the gamers gamble. and join on your device.

The best free fire game – free fire games download

Game Free Fire: Battle Royale is produced by 111dots studio in Vietnam and is almost 100% replica of PUBG.

free fire game

This is aimed at people who are sluggish, especially on the mobile platform.

With the phenomenal success of Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Many other companies around the world are entering the race to create demanding. Skill-intensive products such as PUBG – free fire game. This is aimed at people who are sluggish, especially on the mobile platform.

As far as we are concerned, developers in our country have introduced Bullet Strike: Battlegrounds attracted a lot of attention even though they are still Alpha Test. And now it’s 111dots studio’s Free Fire: Battle Royale. Being curious and interested in the community free fire gameplay.

And if you are a shooter game that when you come to this free fire games is not very understanding of the free kindle fire game. Today I will guide you to play new and familiar and how to make it easy. Win in this game.

Basic tutorial for beginners free fire game

When you first login to the game after the registration and login to the account. Then you will see the main interface of this free fire game download. And in that you can either Team up or look for matches. With the match you will be playing Solo 1vs39 people.

With the team battle, there will be a group of 4 people fighting with other teams.

Start parachuting

free fire game

Where or when, and the rest of you have already jumped off and picked up all the equipment and free fire game online.

The most important thing for a survival free fire gameplay like Free fire is parachuting. If you skip this part is considered to lose 40% victory, why? It is simply that while the jump starts, you are awkward to know where to jump. Where or when. And the rest of you have already jumped off and picked up all the equipment and weapons. already.

So let’s define the locations of many houses, or parts of the center of the island. Where you can zoom in on the Mini Map for a better view (the top left circle map). ).

Find weapons and equipment

In this free fire game pc it is divided into many different types, with different types of guns. It will have rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, pistols. Also for types such as silencers, anti-shock, clothes, hats and shoes will have different levels. And when you pick up, you notice that the higher the equipment Lever will have power and better support. (Lever 3 helmets will help you with bullet damage as well as less damage than lever 2 or 1) so it will help you survive longer.


  • The center area of ​​the island has a lot to collect (pick) but because so many people find it so dangerous place and you jump later should not choose to enter this area.
  • As for the area, there are usually fewer houses, but less dangerous, so you have enough time to find your own.

Attention dangerous and round Bo

free fire game

It is a white circle on the map (enable mini map) will see.

  • Talking about free fire game download is dangerous, but if you know it and avoid it, it can be safer.
  • You go carefully and pay attention because in this game when the jump from the top down will die, simply from the roof, high hill, if falling, luck is still less blood to use. Healing, but not dying free kindle fire game. For healing purposes, if you have picked up items in white, the middle + red can be used.
  • The bracelet will be different when it will be the thing that caused many people to die for not knowing, if the people do not know what the bundle is? It is a white circle on the map (enable mini map) will see.

Over time, it will shrink and there will be times and dangers on the screen. And the danger is that it will make you lose to death, so if you stand in the circle do not worry. If it is outside, then quickly run.

How to choose guns to play

For shooters that are important outside of the free fire game, choosing the right gun is important because it can affect your performance a lot. At the beginning of the battle, you should use rifles and shotguns, simply because these two types can help you shoot the best shot, with the aim of guns it can help you defeat the opponent with just one bullet. Long range bullets are very effective. With a rifle, it allows you to fire continuously and quickly for very near and far range.

At the end of the battle, the battlefield has been shrinking gradually shrinkage should be thrown a gun and should be used as rifles or shotgun or shotgun if available. In the game of many people, you should be careful because the enemy also affects you a lot, if you are too far away if you do not have good guns and less bullets.

Fighting experience

  • Experience is that when you play it is that you need to be flexible and flexible, not to fight solo offline. And only you survive to the end and the only one will win.
  • Do not shoot around: Shooting like this will make the enemy discover you and risk you will shoot down.

During the game’s end

  • A similar thing when playing Battlegrounds is not to go to the “safe area” too soon. What you need to do now is to be patient to move to the safe areas, and find Look for opportunities to kill enemies in different directions.
  • At this point you need to be really careful in moving, especially for those who are “picking up” to look around the area before doing so.
  • So we went to find out what to look for when playing Garena Free Fire Battlegrounds – free fire game to reach the top 1 as well as high rank in the game, hopefully with the note we just mentioned, the You have got yourself in the game better.
The best free fire game
5 (100%) 1 vote

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