5 free bejeweled game online download most interesting

5 free bejeweled game online download most interesting
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Free bejeweled game is the exciting game is many people’s favorite because the gameplay is simple, the challenges you must face in order to level up. Surely this will be the game you most satisfied.

Free bejeweled game – Top 5 bejeweled free game download online most interesting

1.Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz is a puzzle game diamond that is very familiar and involved in social networking. Bejeweled Blitz is just 1 game, entertainment, fun, just competitive.

free bejeweled game

The game, you will find many diamonds in his mystery: the free bejeweled game diamond shines sparkling

With the interface of the classic free bejeweled online game, you have a 60-second strategy, puzzle and score points from pearls. The player’s mission is to match 3 gems to a flame, star, and hypercube. The game has a lot of dynamic sound effects that can be played in full-screen mode, which is why this version is more attractive for computers than flash versions.
There are many levels of play game because it is harder to get a higher level of play. In the game, you will find many diamonds in his mystery: the diamond shines sparkling – continuous explosion if ingested; the diamond symbol x5-score multiplier will increase by 5 times if you eat it. Your mission is to achieve high scores and replay the round for a better day.

This game has a fast-paced, you don’t have to wait for the diamonds and gems to move afterward. When playing this free bejeweled game, you need to change the strategy quite a bit, adjust to see the combo bejeweled blitz and move the diamond quickly why the flower is the highest point. Connect more than 3 jewelry lines and you will get a power supply, which can double your score.

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Wake the Santa
Christmas has arrived, but haven’t seen the appearance of Santa Claus yet? Also wake up Santa to complete the task, hibernate for a winter, this is the little grandson of the gift! Use the factor material to play free bejeweled games dew to wake up Santa.

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2. Bejeweled 3

free bejeweled game

the game supports remembering many different accounts when multiple people are playing on one machine bejeweled free game download

Bejeweled 3 is the latest version of the series play free bejeweled games of famous diamond pop cap labels. With many game modes and improved graphics, many new features have been added, and bejeweled3 will definitely satisfy you.
Game Bejeweled 3 is one of the company’s pop cap reputations, in addition to the strategic game Plants Vs.

Zombies. If the plant vs. The zombie is a strategy game that requires the player’s brain to play with the rhythm of the free bejeweled game very quickly and then Bejeweled 3 re-fascinated with a simple and appropriate office. Beautiful graphics and sounds, the game Bejeweled 3 will definitely not disappoint fans.

New features in Bejeweled 3:

  • How to play the game Bejeweled 3 is very simple, you have to work on at least 3 diamonds of the same color horizontally, vertically, or l. Use the mouse or arrow keys to complete the task at each level.
  • There are 8 different types of players available, but only 4 game types are turned on by default. When you upgrade 4, the remaining players will be opened.
  • Great improvements in graphics, images, and especially transition effects screens are quite eye-catching.
  • For convenience, the game supports remembering many different accounts when multiple people are playing on one machine, each player will save the free bejeweled game point independently and can play from his own pause time.

3. Bejeweled Twist

free bejeweled game

Then the Bejeweled Distortion is the title of a game MSN free games bejeweled that you should not ignore

Bejeweled Twist is a brand new game bejeweled for online arcade games. How to play Bejeweled twists is quite new: the play free bejeweled games player does not need to change position 2 diamonds are next to each other, it will be diamonds in block 4 clockwise. Quite fascinating, right? Some other supplies are like time bombs, diamond lightning (due to 5 diamond forms), and diamond fires (due to 4 diamond forms), just increase the difficulty level, just increase the excitement of the player.

Have you played Bejeweled? Do you want to have an innovative way? Are you just trying the free bejeweled game online to play to experience a new feeling back with diamonds colorful? Then the Bejeweled Distortion is the title of a game that you should not ignore.

How to play this version of the improvement is almost exactly with the diamond rating in block 4 clockwise rotation, instead of the switch position 2 diamonds adjacent to each other. Also, note that the extra diamonds are locked as the free bejeweled game diamond bomb timer. In addition to the bonus diamond “classic” like the fire of Diamond 4. Or Diamond Lightning 5 members.

In addition to the graphics and sounds inherited from the version, bejeweled2 should be very beautiful and eye-catching. The frame score is upgraded to a new style with an extra system count combo, and most importantly it is a spaceship, every time.

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4. Bejeweled Star

The bejeweled star has a groundbreaking idea, graphics, and effects that are super cool and will definitely satisfy your entertainment needs. The bejeweled star still takes the match MSN free games bejeweled, but there are games that free bejeweled game improve the level of each player’s new ones. Initially, your mission is still to arrange at least 3 diamonds of the same color to make them disappear from the screen, but later in the game you can connect you in many styles of diamonds, such as stacking squares to unlock extra, more important Yes, don’t forget that the stars of Bejeweled also hide countless treasure chests, called treasure chests for you to collect.

free bejeweled game

fly them to the sky before they disappear on the screen create extra the create an extra free bejeweled game online to play

Guide game Diamond Bejeweled Stars:

  • Use skills to connect your diamonds to conquer game screens and win stars.
  • Use chicken treats to feed chickens and they will win a golden egg for you. Eggs can be used to unlock prizes.
  • Coins are used to purchase additional recovery networks (onsite) and more turns.
  • Set sky gem and combine them in PowerLab to create extra. Then, use the helper to pass the game screen hard.
  • The obstacles in the game can be butterflies (butterflies), crystals (crystals) and rocks (stones). Players can connect to the diamond to break it in the crystal. Crystal is as dark as you have to do free bejeweled game many times, it is possible to remove it.
  • Rocks can only be destroyed by the use of special diamonds (special stones).
  • Connect butterflies of the same color, diamonds with them, and fly them to the sky before they disappear on the screen.

5. Jewelry Star

Jewelry Star is a diamond-style match 3, intertwined with adventure and game elements similar to the classic play free bejeweled games Bejeweled. Skills, puzzles, intelligence and 1 bit of luck will help you conquer this game!
In the game Gems King, your mission – Temple seeks windows in the hands of evil witches who save the fairies and wizards. Try to collect stars gem star adventure ancient temples.

free bejeweled game

Increase the duration of the diamond over time free bejeweled online game

The main features of the game Gems Star PC:

  • The games its diamond shape match-3 classic.
  • 2 main game modes: arcade and classic. Explore 3 worlds, from easy to difficult 300 levels.
  • Menu selection level.
  • 7 types of diamonds and beautiful effects.
  • Beautiful graphics, interesting sound effects on the free bejeweled game to play ears.
  • Create a combination of diamonds and other levels of ingenuity: bombs, increase scores, break all diamonds in the same color. ..
  • Increase the duration of the diamond over time.
  • The way to prompt.

Jewelry Star online on the pc to illustrate the game:

  • Exchange position 2 adjacent diamonds to form vertical, horizontal, l-shaped ort from 3 diamonds of the same color.
  • Diamond rating until the table is empty. Diamond Star – Jewel Star will appear.
  • Drop the diamond star to the bottom line on the watch.
  • Note: Break the diamonds on the table as fast as possible and then reward the points.

Joining the free bejeweled game win is the highest level. I hope that you have fun!

5 free bejeweled game online download most interesting
3 (60%) 2 votes

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