Fashion games – Top 5 fashion games for girls Apps

Fashion games – Top 5 fashion games for girls Apps
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Fashion games for girls – Are you interested in fashion and style? Do you like dress up games? Then this list of the top 5 fashion games and dress up games for iPhone/iPad/Android is for girls!

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I absolutely LOVE the world of Fashion! Because of that, not only do I spend countless hours on the internet when I’m at home, but I also have multiple apps on my iPhone and iPad that are dedicated to things related to the Fashion Industry (i.e. The latest runway reports, Celebrity and Personal Style Photos, etc). If you remember, in a previous article, I shared a few of those apps with you. Well today, I’m going to let you in on some of my favorite fashion game apps.

I’m not sure about you all, but I’m a big kid at heart so I play quite a few games on my iPhone. I find that the fashion game apps and of course Words with Friends are the ones I use the most and can’t live without! You’d be surprised how quickly your creative juices kick in when you’re playing these games. My hightlights for today are all free and some them even offer an ad-free and more robust version, but you have to pay for the download. All games are offered on both the iPhone and Android.

Here they are in no certain order:

1. Fashion Story

This has to be one of the most addictive games in the WORLD! In the game, you’re the owner of your own fashion boutique and it’s up to you to order inventory to stock your store as well as decorate the boutique to attract buyers. The game also uses social media so you can connect with your “neighbors” by messaging them or visiting their boutiques to leave them a friendly gift.

2. JoJo’s Fashion Show 2

I LOVE this game! In JoJo’s Fashion Show 2, you can create great outfits for male and female models and take your creations to runways from Los Angeles to Paris!

3. Fashion Icon

This game also allows you to dress your model but it also provides a social touch, allowing you to connect with friends.

4. Style Studio

Fashion Designer – In this game you can create, customize and share your creations with other users. There’s even the option to upload pictures from your phone to enhance your creations.

5. Stardoll Fashion Spin

I fell in love with the internet version of this game. It’s like playing with virtual paper dolls! And I know you all remember how much fun that was! Create your “Medoll” to look just like you and have a blast dressing her!

There you have it…my favorite fashion game apps. Hope you’ll check them out!

Fashion games – Top 5 fashion games for girls Apps
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