Top 5 episode games free online most favorite 2018

Top 5 episode games free online most favorite 2018
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Episode games free are the game is a huge favorite today. Let’s join the game to feel and explore innovation of this kind of this fascinating game.

Episode games free – List of 5 episode games for free most favorite 2018

1.Cities: Skylines

Cities: Skyline is a modern version of the classic genre of urban construction. There are many new elements in the game that allow players to experience excitement and hardship, building a city from nothing and becoming a “cement jungle” impressive.

episode games free

You can hear the characteristic sounds emitted from the works there, as the noise of the factory episode games free

In terms of episode games for free, the city skyline still follows the tradition of this series, which is breaking and building. You can create your own, but the forest is green on the horizon. But buildings, skyscrapers, and of course, if you delete the time, then you will have a completely private world to serve you.

You will carry out work as an architect and city management when you plan, partition, build the star the most sensible is to be able to fully manage the ransomware from the transportation system, meandering rivers the episode games free online water and electricity security system, established.

The Cities: Skylines of graphics: the skyline, not the best, whether the game is also full of basic elements such as system, day and night. The real-time interactive physical theme is quite right when the building is built or destroyed. Moving to every area of the city. You can hear the characteristic sounds emitted from the works there, as the noise of the characteristic episode games free factory. The pyramids, the animals in the forest, or the meandering rivers on the river.

Refer to the following game of

Christmas Costume is a game specifically for girls at Christmas upcoming time. In the makeup game, welcome Santa, you will have to make up and choose the true beauty of your confidence for the upcoming Christmas holiday. With the wardrobe full of accessories and dresses, you are spoiled for choice episode games free.

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2. My Candy Love

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Use dollars to buy clothes, makeup, and other accessories free games like episode

My Candy Love is a chance for each player to build a love story, sweet yourself when you will transform into a girl studying in high school, sweet Amoris, and begin to show off the ability to flirt with other to episode games free.

You’ve ever wanted to get an ecstasy and unforgettable memory of an old school game of love: concert “dating” in elementary school, candy splitting or the first school’s common path. If not, fortunately, there is still a sweet feeling, episode games free then please join my candy love – where you build your own love sweet candy with a series of unexpected, very attractive. Beautiful girl, geek, sure you won’t be able to miss it. This is considered one of the best app stores for game role-playing dating.

Guide the game my candy love for android:

  • In order to be able to participate in more different plots, players need more character chats and complete the target game.
  • In each episode, you will have to flirt with your favorite person and hope to date this person at the end of the episode.
  • If you missed any appointments, use the Replay button to reset your appointment.
  • When you want to move from this screen to another screen, touch the icon pink heart appears on the screen.
  • Use dollars to buy clothes, makeup, and other accessories to help you get more impressions on your first date. If you need more, you can go to the bank to buy more dollars by using the package up episode games free online
  • When you are dating, remember to choose the clothes, the boy likes and answers the question correctly.
  • Not every guy is also polite and friendly, there will be those who are very rude. So don’t show too much of his feelings, remember, be temperate and be cautious.

3. Adventure Capitalist

Adventure capitalism is one of the largest in the world of simulation arcade game capitalism. It takes you into the world of investors, business filter cores. Adventures in the global economy, learning how to become rich and self-financing merchant episode games free.

episode games free

Dominate the market and become a monopolist in the world games like episode online free

Start the game and you will start working on wholesale vegetables, such as the merchant market. The items you will sell are lemon green and eye-catching. However, episode games free online their prices are also quite high compared to real life, and you will get $1 for each lemon sold.

The game is very simple, you just click on a lemon icon to sell lemons. Each time you click, you will get a result. With the money, you can buy more juice to continue selling. When getting more money, expand the business of buying and selling a variety of different projects. The keyboard is purchased on the screen so that the player can control the purchase and sale process free games like episode.

The main features of investment game adventure capitalism

  • Realistic simulation from the start-up to the process of becoming a billionaire for the episode games free online.
  • There are many investment areas: peddling, opening stores, companies. ..
  • Hire employees to manage business operations.
  • Buying and selling, business upgrades.
  • Dominate the market and become a monopolist in the world.
  • Attract investors to increase profits.
  • Arrive at the moon.
  • Simple episode games free, addictive.
  • 626 achievements are waiting for you to discover.
  • Beautiful graphics, humor.

Refer to the following game of

Halloween Lily is coming without her, Lily still doesn’t know what to wear for this holiday. Let you play Lily to pick up Noel, and choose a stylish suit for her to be very cute so that she can be more confident in the ceremony this. Halloween LilyChristmas how to play Lily Welcome Noel. Your mission in the games like episode but free episode games free Lily welcomes Santa, you help her, Lily chooses a set of fashion so beautiful on this Christmas holiday. Use the left mouse son to play the game.

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4. Mark of the Ninja

In the Mark of the Ninja, you will know how to make a fake ring really. You need to be able to destroy the enemy of modern weapons quietly, accurately and intelligently. It is from a long time game player who loves Assassin New once again has the opportunity to play 1 episode games free online to talk about the Ninja community. The story of the ninja’s logo begins in a quiet Mark of Ninja one night.

episode games free

The enemy will yell before lying down and alert all remaining enemies episode games for free

The network assassination game can be said to be very creative and impressive when compared to other the attack clearly episode games free online. There are many types of enemies in the game but in general. Once you assassinate from behind, no one can survive. You need to lurk in the shadows, observe the terrain. Plan to attack clearly to avoid being detected and be ready to hide wherever you are.

Sound plays a very important role in the game. Each of your actions is a source of noise, and the enemy will hear and guess your position. When killing an enemy, if you do an imperfect kill – not perfect. The enemy will yell before lying down and alert all remaining enemies. Even when running, throwing darts, the episode games free battle is all different noise. Which makes the player feel more realistic than when you can hear the enemy’s footsteps assassination without seeing the target.

The graphics of the game are Klei entertainment showing the outspoken surprise. Drawing 2d the savvy and detailed character model is clearly designed. From the cold and serious protagonist to the fierce warrior. To the scene of the frame and the gorgeous contrast of light and shadow. All create a complete virtual room with the true focus of the painting. And painting defining art aqua corneas from ancient times through every frame of the episode games for free.

5. Gods of Rome

episode games free

with the arrangement of a fairly compact side angle screen and minimalist,  episode games free online detailed whiskers

The Gods of Rome is a super new product of 1 Gameloft with graphic design, super scary and conspiracy myths fascinated the Greek god. The summit of Mount Olympus is as beautiful as a painting, suddenly swallowed up by the games like episode online free battle between Zeus and God, forging the ambition of Vulcan. But this is only the beginning.

The gods of Rome are to be very familiar and easy to remember. Including, fast attacks, slow and special. There is no difference in the title of these games. Your same category, with the arrangement of a fairly compact side angle screen and minimalist, detailed whiskers. The Roman gods bring back the best view of the flexible to episode games free landscape every time the player enters the game. In addition. The game also has a camera that is quite flexible to zoom in and out naturally. But also slightly slower, with flexible combat capabilities.

The episode games free initial task is to defeat God forging Vulcan without too much difficulty, and you will receive rewards including gold coins. Gold coins, and blue diamonds when you complete the mission. It is very necessary to trade these two currencies in the game. If the gold coins are upgraded to the character level. The raw material increase grade and the green diamonds are used to purchase crystals to summon other gods.

I wish you fun and record your achievements after each turn in the episode games free.

Top 5 episode games free online most favorite 2018
5 (100%) 1 vote

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