Combined with the best shooter game on pc

Combined with the best shooter game on pc
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Combined with the best shooter game on pc, you’ll also be able to spot some of these titles, surely this summer you’ll be delighted to be immersed in new and addictive games that will definitely make you satisfied.

Combined with the best shooter game on pc

# Assassin’s Creed: Origins

Ubisoft gets back on track with the most compelling Assassin’s Creed game yet. Set in ancient Egypt, uncover the true origins of the Creed as you explore sun-soaked dunes, mystical temples and glowing pyramids. Follow Bayek as takes down a mysterious organization that pre-dates the Templars.

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Meet iconic historical figures such as Julius Caesar and Cleopatra, and use your pet eagle to be your watchful eye in its refined combat system.

It’s bigger, badder, and it’s definitely the most ambitious Assassin’s Creed game yet with a PlayScore of 8.85

Combined with the best shooter game on pc

Combined with the best shooter game on pc

# Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Return to the shoes of BJ Blazkowicz as he wakes up from a coma and paint the town red with the blood of unsuspecting Nazis. Following the events of the first game, explore an alternate timeline where the Nazis won World War II. They’ve already corrupted God’s green earth with their fascism and it’s up to you to stop this vile plague from spreading to U.S. Borders.

Meet Hitler, fight some KKK, or just simply use your badass Nazi-killing skills to kill more Nazis.

It has a PlayScore of 8.94

# Batman: Arkham Knight

Rocksteady’s explosive finale to their critically acclaimed franchise. Joker might be long gone, but a Scarecrow emerges from the shadows with a vengeful plot. Take on the role of the caped crusader and save Gotham fight against the impending threat. This is the series’ biggest leap towards a huge open-world element with the introduction of the batmobile. Ride around the grim streets and use Batman’s

million dollar gadgets to defeat the villains of the Rogue’s Gallery.

It has a PlayScore of 9.02

# Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

It’s not a surprise anymore. If there’s a PlayStation 4 list, you’d be expecting this by now.

You can even guess what our top pick would be. The final game of Kojima’s legacy. Follow the events after Snake Eater and PSP’s Peace Walker in Big Boss’ descent into political intrigue. Witness the birth of the man who sold the world and uncover the events that leads to the first game of the series.

It has its flaws, but you can’t deny it’s an achievement in game design.

It has a PlayScore of 9.29

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Combined with the best shooter game on pc
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