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Bubble Gems
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Bubble Gems  bubble shooter game download help cute unornun collect all the gems! Your mission is to add an addictive bubble shooter to at least 3 bubbles of the same color to get rid of the school. Destroy all bubbles, collect gems and try to earn as many points. The larger combination will give you bonus points. Be careful and do not let the bubbles touch the red line, so the bubble shooter game is over! Do you get good grades? In each level, your goal is not only to collect 3 or more bubbles to eliminate them, but collect all the gems of the valley. It was easy at first, but like real life, it would be harder if you want to make money. There are some bubbles that simply get rid of them, so think about the box outside and delete other ways.

Features of the bubble shooter game :

  • HTML5 game completely free to shoot the ball.
  • Lovely vivid sound graphics bubble shooter games.
  • Save your playing record with the ball bubble free games.
  • Many screens and different difficulty levels for you to discover.

How to play game :

  • Open your computer screen for this unique shooting bubble shooter game.
  • Use the mouse to collect and shoot three balls of the same color.
  • Collecting diamonds is not easy bubble games download .
  • Lowering more and more balloons will give you more points .

Some pictures in the game :

bubble games download

bubble shooter game

bubble shooter games

An interesting and unique bubble shooter game to shoot the ball in your time and you can refer to some other games that we collect.

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Bubble Gems
4.5 (90%) 2 votes

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