Action games and classics can not be ignored

Action games and classics can not be ignored
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Action games and classics can not be ignored, action games is one of the most popular games, because it gives people a lot of entertainment, just one game is the same adventure game. This whole day is not boring. Here are some of the titles you should know when playing action games.

Action games and classics can not be ignored

#1:  Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir

Take an epic adventure around its Norse Myth setting and take control of five different protagonists with different stories and perspective.

From Vanillaware, experience the thrill of Ragnarok with its new and enhanced gameplay mechanics.

Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir

Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir

It’s still the side-scrolling adventure we knew and love.

The simplified inventory and skill systems helps new players adapt to the fast-paced playstyle.

Critics have praised this remake for its vibrant art style, expressive music, deep combat, diverse suite of characters and the amount of content from the narrative to the multiple endings.

#2:  Severed

The PlayStation Vita’s touch controls provide a cutting-edge experience to this classic.

Play as a one-armed girl named Sasha in a quest to find her family.

Travel in a nightmarish world filled with monsters and deadly creatures. Players will be introduced with a unique touch-based combat. The game’s core function is its ability to slice enemies to a pulp.

Using various weapons and upgrades, your hero will gradually increase in power and dominate its dungeon-based quest. It’s one of PlayStation Vita’s finest games and it’s out on multiple platforms. Critics have praised its hand-drawn art style, innovative combat and music.

#3: Dragon Quest Builders

Set during an alternate world after the events of the original Dragon Quest game, you have to fix the universe and start from scratch.

It’s a different kind of Dragon Quest from what we’ve all known and love.

 Dragon Quest Builders

Dragon Quest Builders

Directly inspired from Mojang’s Minecraft, set your horizons on open fields and destructible objects in a voxel-based universe.

Craft, collect and build from the game’s wide array of possibilities, all powered by the player’s imagination.

Since it’s a Dragon Quest game, the RPG elements are present but with a lighter tone.

With the PSVita’s convenient size, you can manipulate an entire world at the palm of your hands.

#4: Shovel Knight

PlayStation Vita action game  is none other than Shovel Knight Known for their creative use of the 8bit artstyle, Shovel Knight encapsulates the best of the classic games of the pixel era.

It managed to make the throwback style seem fresh and modern with their art, making their environments as colorful and vibrant as today’s games.

The main game starts with the iconic Shovel Knight, throughout the years since it was released, major characters are added in their DLC packages.

In this first story, dig your way inside a castle and save the life of your life from

the evil enchantress. Awarded for its seamless controls, level design, and memorable characters, Shovel Knight is one step closer to become a videogame classic.

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Action games and classics can not be ignored
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