The 7 best cooking games in the world can not be ignored

The 7 best cooking games in the world can not be ignored
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Do you love to cook and have a passion for the game? Try one of the 7 best cooking games in the world can not be ignored, and you’ll love it! Cooking games is one of the extreme games or not only very addictive children that girls also like.

The 7 best cooking games in the world can not be ignored

  1. Restaurant Live

Restaurant Live is one of the most voted restaurant management restaurants in the world.

The game has attractive graphics combined with vibrant sound will certainly make you “addicted” at first sight.

Restaurant Live

Restaurant Live

The background and gameplay of Restaurant Live are not much different from other restaurant cooking games, but the game still has a strong appeal from the community of gamers especially from girls like cooking.

  1. Family Restaurant

In this cooking game for kids, you will be taking over a family-owned luxury home with a large façade in a busy neighborhood.

Your task is to manage the store to ensure the attraction of the store by learning and cook new dishes according to the formula of the mother.

You also need to do business and expand the store as well as develop other dishes.

  1. Bistro Cook 2

Bistro Cook 2 belongs to the cooking game unblocked genre. The first part of the game will guide you to build and manage your own restaurant as well as develop new dishes to serve the needs of customers.

Bistro Cook 2

Bistro Cook 2

Each time you serve one customer, you will receive a certain amount of money to decorate the interior, expand the restaurant as well as purchase new equipment and recipes.

  1. Cooking Dash

In the Cooking Dash, Flo returned to the same food but as a chef instead of serving. When Chef left the restaurant, Flo began to change his career by cooking cooking lessons on popular television channels.

One day, famous restaurants in the city are lacking chef, they have invited Flo to her grandmother. Help Flo and her grandmother run four very good restaurants serving customers when they ask. But you have to hurry up, because customers will leave if they have to wait too long.

This is also one of the famous cooking games on the PC platform.

  1. Sushi Spinnery

“Sushi Spinnery” puts you in the running position of a luxury sushi restaurant. Through the operation and accumulation of money, you will be able to upgrade your restaurant, hire new chefs and buy new types of ingredients to serve the most demanding customers.

In addition, you have to compete with many competitors to win the No. 1 sushi restaurant. If you love cooking games and especially sushi, this is the game for you.

  1. Cooking Academy

Set in a chef’s training school, the Cooking Academy features a combination of time management and cooking simulations to create a challenging experience that is incredible.

With dozens of recipes and a variety of competitive mechanisms, this is a product that brings a lot of knowledge to you about the food world.

  1. Pizza Express

Who does not like to eat pizza, but to create a delicious pizza is not easy.

In the “Pizza Express” new cooking game, players will be introduced to a brand new pizza shop, experimenting with a variety of pizzas to impress consumers with animal cartoons.

Although there are simple graphics, the gameplay mechanics of this product have to say is quite complex. This game is played on PC platform.

The 7 best cooking games in the world can not be ignored
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